| I graduated from Edinburgh College of Art with a BA (Hons) in Design and Applied Arts, specialising in glass. and gained and MA in Glass at Swansea Metropolitan University with Distinction in 2011. Key aspects of my practice consist of capturing light and shadow. It is a subject of creative imagination where my artistic process involves translating and developing personal observations of silent, transient moments; the play of light and shadow within architectural spaces or a reflection projected on to a pane of glass. Incorporating photographic research, drawing and expanding further I capture these fleeting moments and use them as a basis to develop into a body of work.

I create installations and sculptural works, portraying a thread of constant themes; absence, presence, movement and perception. Either by applying technical methods and various techniques, altering and working the surface to highlight and reveal different surface qualities or by simply maximising on it's pure reflective and transparent properties as a raw material. Whatever process I use and combine at a given time, light is integral to the concept, development and the outcome of the work.